Who ordered the stand down this time? Pentagon Says US Warship Are NOT Intercepting, Just Doing THIS!

US Navy Carrier ‘Re-positioning,’ NOT Intercepting


The Pentagon has stated that a U.S. aircraft carrier is “repositioning” for a security operation, contrary to prior reports that the warship was tasked with intercepting an Iranian fleet off the coast of Yemen.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is “repositioning to conduct maritime security operations,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren told VOA.

Earlier, an unnamed Navy official told the AP that the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier is part of an American fleet that has been tasked with intercepting Iranian vessels that may attempt to dump an arms shipment into the hands of Houthi militants in Yemen.

Navy officials announced on Monday that the nuclear-powered Roosevelt was among nine U.S. warships that are patrolling the waters of the Arabian Sea. The unnamed Navy spokesperson told the Associated Press that the ships are moving into the Gulf of Aden to intercept Iran’s eight-ship convoy before it can link up with the Houthis.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest refused to comment specifically on any Navy movements, telling reporters that the U.S. is concerned with the Shiite regime’s “continued support for the Houthis.”


Pentagon: US Carrier ‘Repositioning,’ Not Intercepting.


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