Who Will Tighten the Reins on Facebook?

Facebook is under tremendous pressure worldwide to meet differing demands from everybody. Some people want to ensure that there is no fake news ever allowed on Facebook. Some countries are worried that fake ads will allow non-nationals to affect the outcome of elections. Conservatives claim that their voice is being quashed by the media giant.

Mark Zuckerberg has hired a thousand employees to get some of it under control. The fact that FB is a sort of natural monopoly, but not quite, puts it in a league of its own. Can it and should it be regulated? Who will do it? Remember, if you want help real bad, the government will give you real bad help.

As Written By Christopher Mims for the WSJ:

We’re treated to fresh reports nearly every day about how Facebook Inc.’s FB 1.12% efforts to keep bad actors from abusing its platform fall short. The latest include U.K. legislators’ inquiry into whether Russians used Facebook to influence recent British elections, and reports that atrocities in Myanmar may be incited in part by fake news on Facebook.

Even before this wave, Facebook’s role in the spread of divisive messages and outright falsehoods had inspired soul-searching at the company, and a newfound humility at the top. In a string of blog posts, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg promised to do more, including hiring 1,000 additional people to review political ads purchased on Facebook. Meanwhile, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was recently dispatched to Washington, D.C., on a charm offensive.

Yet many outside Facebook refuse to wait for the company to solve these problems—and others yet to be uncovered—on its own. Pressure is mounting, at home and abroad, from legislators, regulators and activists, all looking for various ways to nudge and, in some cases, shove Facebook to acknowledge and act on its responsibility as the most powerful distributor of news and information on Earth.

While Twitter , Google’s YouTube unit and many other social-media platforms face similar problems, they don’t all command the …….


Who Will Rein In Facebook? Challengers Are Lining Up – WSJ

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