WHOA! ‘Cease-and-desist’ Order Issued in Trump-Bannon Feud

Suddenly, the Trump administration has decided to slap Steve Bannon with a Cease-and-desist order. Mr. Bannon has a confidentiality agreement with the Trump administration that he seems to be in violation of. It is not too surprising that Mr. Bannon might be running his mouth way too much. The treasonous comments may be a bridge too far for the President. 

As Written, Reported By and Seen First on Fox News:


THE LEAD STORY: President Trump’s lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter Wednesday night threatening ‘imminent’ legal action against former top strategist Steve Bannon, capping a whirlwind day of a war of words between the two men … The letter is a response to sharply critical comments that Bannon reportedly made to journalist Michael Wolff about Trump’s campaign and leadership. Charles Harder, Trump’s attorney, charges in the letter that Bannon violated a non-disclosure agreement signed during the campaign by disclosing confidential information, speaking to the media about the campaign and disparaging members of the Trump family. Additionally, Harder suggests that Bannon told lies that defamed and slandered Trump.

BEWARE OF THE ‘BOMB CYCLONE’: Much of the southeastern U.S. was slammed by a brutal winter storm Wednesday, with Florida, Georgia and South Carolina seeing a rare blast of snow and sleet — the worst snowstorm to hit some cities in decades … Forecasters have warned the same weather system could soon strengthen into a “bomb cyclone” as it continues to travel north on the East Coast. The storm could “produce …….


FOX NEWS FIRST: ‘Cease-and-desist’ in Trump-Bannon war of words; Bracing for ‘bomb cyclone’ | Fox News

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