WHOA! Just How Bad Will The 2018 Elections Be For The Democrats?

Many Democrats are convinced that 2018 will be their year to take back some of the power they’ve lost. They mistakenly believe their own rhetoric is flowing to their “passionate” sheep as it should and as usual they believe their reach is much larger than it really is.

They believe that President Donald Trump is truly seen as a failure when he’s not even done with his first year. They believe that this same disdain for our POTUS is being felt across the board, that many of those who voted him into office MUST see things the way they see them. But the truth is, this is going to be an uphill battle for them.

As written by Aaron Bandler for The Daily Wire:

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report highlights this stunning fact in a FiveThirtyEight piece: even if the Democrats were to win every House seat in districts that Hillary Clinton won in November as well as every Senate seat in states that Clinton won, they still wouldn’t have a majority in either House of Congress.

In fact, they would still lose five seats in the Senate.

The Democrats are in a precarious position of having to defend a whopping 25 seats in the Senate while the GOP only has to defend nine. With that kind of map, the Republicans don’t even need to win a swing state in order to maintain their majority, per Wasserman.

What also works in the GOP’s favor is that the demographic shift of Democrat voters to urban areas and GOP voters to rural areas:

In the last few decades, Democrats have expanded their advantages in California and New York — states with huge urban centers that combined to give Clinton a 6 million vote edge, more than twice her national margin. But those two states elect only 4 percent of the Senate. Meanwhile, Republicans have made huge advances in small rural states — think ArkansasNorth and South DakotaIowaLouisianaMontana and West Virginia — that wield disproportionate power in the upper chamber compared to their populations.


DUDE: How Bad Is The 2018 Map For Democrats? This Statistic Is STUNNING.

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