Why Actually SAYING ‘Radical Islam’ Matters

Use of the phrase “Radical Islam” has been forsworn by the Obama administration. By refusing to use this phrase they seem to hope that the jihadists will be less mad at us. What they are doing is refusing to name the threat. Gays, Jews, Christians, and Western civilization are on the radical Islamist kill list. Without a clear definition of the threat, you cannot formulate an adequate response.  Here is why the phrase needs to be said. Read the article for clarity.

Radical Islam Matters

As By The New York Post Editorial Board:

In the course of denouncing Donald Trump on Tuesday, President Obama tried to explain why he still refuses to use the phrase “radical Islam” to describe the ongoing terrorist threat against America.

“Does anyone seriously think we don’t know who we’re fighting?” the president said, adding that US forces in the Middle East “know full well who the enemy is.”

But if we all know it, why refuse to say so?

Obama insists that naming the foe “would make us less safe, fueling [ISIS’s] notion that the West hates Muslims.”

Please. Does anyone seriously believe that ISIS and those who share its ideology haven’t always felt this way — or that avoiding the words “radical Islam” matters a whit to the terrorists?


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