Why Democrats Need to Manufacture Controversy and Continue Obstruction

The Democrats have a vested interest in keeping the controversies rolling in the nomination process. It is another form of smoke and mirrors or the old slight of hand. Nothing Up My Sleeve should be their watchword. The real reason is that the nomination process keeps the real business of Congress from being addressed. It means that they will not be forced to take a vote or a stan on issues. It is ALL political warfare on the Democrat side. It is a power gambit at the expense of the nation. 

As Written and Reported By Jeff Poor for Breitbart:

Tuesday on Birmingham, AL Talk 99.5 radio’s “Matt & Aunie Show,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) was asked to react to allegations of wrongdoing by Dr. Ronnie Jackson, President Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs opening.

Brooks suggested there was a strategy employed by Senate Democrats that involved obstructing Trump’s nominees that required confirmation by the U.S. Senate. If Democrats can delay, he argued, then they can avoid votes on conservative policies, which could be problematic for some Democrats in an election year.

“I’m on the House side, so I don’t have any vote on these confirmations,” Brooks said. “I mentioned Jim Bridenstein because I know him personally. I know Mike Pompeo personally. But I am able to observe what is going on in the Senate and it has become quite clear that the Democrats are trying to manufacture controversies in order to be obstructionists. And there’s a political strategy behind it. The more obstructionist they can be in the United States Senate, the more they can drag out this confirmation process — the fewer votes the United States Senate can have on public policy issues….


GOP Rep Mo Brooks: Senate Dems Manufacturing Controversies to Drag Out Confirmations, Obstruct Votes on Conservative Policy | Breitbart


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