Why Donald Trump was right to talk with Taiwan’s president 

The congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s President Tsai to President-Elect Trump sure stirred up the theatrical hysterics. China is protesting and the media is aghast that Trump could violate such important foreign policy. You can be assured that Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing, but the liberal progressive left would paint another picture. Read all their derogatory remarks below. 

As Written By Stephen Yates, Christian Whiton and seen first on Fox News:

President-elect Trump is adhering to the what he made clear throughout the presidential campaign: that he will be open to talking to foreign leaders who want good relations with the U.S.

On Friday, Trump received a congratulatory call from Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, in which the leaders briefly touched upon economic, political, and security-related ties between our two democracies.  Trump congratulated Tsai on her own victory in Taiwanese elections earlier in the year—a watershed since Tsai is the first woman leader in Asia who isn’t the daughter or wife of a previous leader.

Tsai’s victory also marked the third shift in power from one party to another in Taiwan—a symbol of a matured Taiwanese democracy and further proof that democracy can work for ethnically Chinese people wherever they reside.

None of this is welcome in Beijing, whose deeply corrupt and authoritarian government is used to getting its way from the United States, especially on Taiwan.  Beijing is mad not only that Trump took a call from Tsai—even though he previously spoke with Chinese leader Xi Jinping—but that the statement announcing the call referred to Tsai accurately as the “president of Taiwan”—a reality that is obvious to average Americans, Taiwanese, and Chinese, but something diplomats like to pretend isn’t so.

The foreign policy establishment and their media buddies were even …

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Why Trump was right to talk with Taiwan’s president | Fox News

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