Why Elections Matter in Georgia! #GAVote #Elections2014

My darling Daughter asked for my opinion on why elections matter. Rather than give an opinion I went to the Georgia Democrats webpage guiding principles webpage for some ideas.  Georgia Democrat Website

You will find that page printed below. The Democrat Party has nine (9) guiding principles. Following each principle, you will find my italicized remarks, interpreting the code words located therein.


Democratic Party of Georgia Platform

Guiding Principles

Georgia Democrats believe that the American Dream of opportunity for all should guide government policies at all levels.

This will be the Democrat dream of an opportunity to depend on the government for everything.

Georgia Democrats believe that good decisions by our government promote economic security for all.

In other words, the Democrat Party will make up all the rules on who succeeds and who does not.

Georgians.Georgia Democrats believe that creation of good jobs for all Georgians is our top priority.

Top priority means that it will get lip service and little action unless it supports unions.

Georgia Democrats believe that all students should have access to a high quality public education.

This means that they support  Common Core and teacher unions, regardless.

Georgia Democrats believe that access to quality, affordable healthcare is a basic, human right.

The Democrat Party has sold out to ObamaCare.

Georgia Democrats believe that it is our responsibility to leave our children and grandchildren an earth that is safe and livable for future generations.

They worship at the shrines of the EPA and Global Warming.

Georgia Democrats believe all our citizens have the right to safety and security.

They will take your guns from you.

Georgia Democrats believe a fundamental role of government is to provide for the national security.

They will draw down the military until it is ineffective.

Georgia Democrats believe in and uphold every citizen’s right to equal and impartial justice under the law.

They will interpret the Constitution to their ends, use liberal judges, regardless of what it actually  says.


Michelle Nunn, Jason Carter, and the rest of the Georgia Democrat Gang have subscribed to the Obama agenda. He has said as much. As Georgia becomes more and more urbanized, it is swinging toward a Democrat takeover of the national offices. Your vote is vital.

Now that I have interpreted the Democrat Party guiding principles for you, you are no longer an uninformed voter. You can vote your beliefs, vote for, or vote against. If you do not vote it will be considered a surrender on your part. eight days.

Haze Gray and Underway.

Paul Clark, CPO, USN (ret)

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