Why have US and India Navies Considered Joint Patrols?

In a ground breaking and sea-parting move, the United States and India are considering joint patrols. This is a major consideration for India who only patrols under the UN banner. Freedom of navigation actions are being considered because of China’s continued incursions in the South China Sea. China is trying to make this area of the oceans their own personal pond. Japan, The Philippines, Vietnam and other nations are very concerned about these developments. Read more in this article.

US Navy destroyers


Exclusive: U.S. and India consider joint patrols in South China Sea – U.S. official

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The United States and India have held talks about conducting joint naval patrols that a U.S. defense official said could include the disputed South China Sea, a move that would likely anger Beijing, which claims most of the waterway.

Washington wants its regional allies and other Asian nations to take a more united stance against China over the South China Sea, where tensions have spiked in the wake of Beijing’s construction of seven man-made islands in the Spratly archipelago.

India and the United States have ramped up military ties in recent years, holding naval exercises in the Indian Ocean that last year involved the Japanese navy.


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