Why Hillary is Unfit to be President

The debate will continue over the multiple reasons why Hillary Clinton should or should not become the President of the United States of America. Yes, there are, in fact, multiple reasons that need to be and must be considered. This election cycle started out to be an inauguration of Hillary for the Democrat Party. It has devolved into a review by conservatives of all her scandals and lies. They follow her like dust on a dirt road. The most telling attitude is that is owed to her like it is a birth right. Well, no, Hillary, you have to have moral standing and leadership abilities if you are to fulfill the role of our President. Being part of the rich elite does not qualify you. By the way, how did you get rich in public service? It is call graft most of the time. This article covers some of those issues and is worth your perusal. It should be mandatory reading for the younger generations who have no historical knowledge of her behavior and scandals.

Hillary Clinton

As Written By LISA BOOTHE at The Washington Examiner:


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