Why Is A House Intelligence Committee Lawmaker Getting Protection From CNN?

California Democrat Representative Adam Schiff has been freely allowed to make all kinds of hints about Donald Trump and Russian collusion. He has been allowed to go unchallenged when it comes to providing proof to back up his charges. Even when pushed by CNN’s Jake Tapper, he was allowed to produce no evidence as to his allegations. This is using his access to confidential information to imply things that are really not so. More lack of journalism from CNN, it appears.

As Written By James Freeman for the WSJ:

Since they are charged with overseeing America’s spy agencies, the members of the House and Senate intelligence committees are usually as tight-lipped a group of politicians as you’ll find. Each one takes an oath to protect the country’s secrets and is expected to take special care in protecting the classified information entrusted to them.

That’s the hope anyway. In practice Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) rarely misses an opportunity to publicly characterize the non-public information that he claims to have seen. This raises the question of whether he’s violating the …..


Is CNN Protecting Adam Schiff? – WSJ

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