Why is the FBI Ignoring These Demands?

The dreaded Russian dossier document demands on the FBI by Congress seem to be going nowhere. Is it so salacious that the Bureau is afraid to release them? Do they exist at all? Are they still being manipulated by the shadow government in an attempt for a silent coup on the Trump administration? Why is the Bureau totally unresponsive to the lawful demands of Congress? Where is this headed?

As Written By Byron York for the Washington Examiner:

It has now been more than a month since a House Intelligence Committee subpoena set a September 1 deadline for the FBI and the Justice Department to turn over documents related to the Trump dossier.

Not a single document has been produced. The first deadline was extended once, then again, then again, and is now on some sort of hold. But no documents have been handed over.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met with committee chairman Devin Nunes last Thursday — the committee can perhaps take comfort in the fact that it is being put off by progressively higher-ranking officials — but it is not clear if the committee is any closer to receiving the documents than when it first issued its subpoena on August 24.

Also on Thursday, Rosenstein met with Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Charles Grassley, who is also pursuing testimony and documents about the dossier and other matters. Grassley and the Justice Department have been going back and forth about Grassley’s requests to interview two FBI officials, James Rybicki, who was former director James Comey’s chief of staff, and Carl Ghattas, who heads the FBI’s national security branch.

Just as they have been doing with the House intelligence panel, the FBI and Justice Department tried to blow off Grassley, saying any talks with Rybicki and Ghattas might interfere with the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller. Then, after Grassley threatened to subpoena the two officials, the Justice Department wrote back to Grassley on September 22 to say, “Upon further evaluation, we believe that it is appropriate to make Mr. Ghattas and Mr. Rybicki available to the committee for interviews.”

But Justice still had conditions, particularly where the Mueller investigation was concerned. So in a letter last week, Grassley reminded them that, “contrary to the implication [from the Justice Department], the committee had, in fact notified and consulted with special counsel Mueller’s office for deconfliction purposes about …….


Byron York: As fight enters second month, FBI still withholding dossier documents

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