Why is the FBI Just Now Confirming Hillary’s Email Investigation?

The well known fact that the FBI has been investigating Hillary Clinton’s private email server has never been acknowledged by the FBI.  Until now. In a response to a FOIA request, the FBI finally does. What does this do Hillary’s claim that it is just a ‘security review’? Security reviews preceed investigations. Who did the security reviews? Read more in this article by Hot Air.

Hillary Clinton


FBI confirms investigation into Hillary e-mail server

The FBI confirmed in a letter filed in court last week what nearly everyone already knew for months — that they have an open investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized home-brew e-mail system. The letter came as a necessarily belated response to a State Department inquiry last September into what the FBI was doing with the issue. At the time, the FBI played it close to the vest, but now there’s not much point in maintaining a pretense of secrecy.

Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau first broke the story on Twitter:

Er, yeah … not exactly. Note the last line in the letter, emphasis mine: “[W]e remain unable to provide the requested information without affecting ……  KEEP READING HERE

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