Why it should come as no surprise that the killer of Kate Steinle was acquitted

[VIDEO] San Francisco is reaping the whirlwind as it provides sanctuary to killers, felons, and illegals of all kinds. The killer of Kate Steinle walks free after confessing to the shooting. What? The miscarriage of justice is the subject of this FOX News video. This is worth watching. The President weighed in as well.


As Written By Gregg Jarrett for Fox News:

If you are inclined to commit a heinous crime, San Francisco is the place for you.

You can sneak into City Hall armed with a .38-caliber revolver, murder the mayor and a supervisor in cold blood, and get away with it. All you need to do is conjure some preposterous defense. Blame it on an excessive consumption of junk food like Twinkies and you can beat the rap. You know… eat a Twinkie and commit murder. A San Francisco jury will lap it up.

So, it should come as no surprise that the killer of Kate Steinle was acquitted Thursday of murder and involuntarily manslaughter.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate and his lawyers invented a ludicrous defense by claiming “the gun just went off” by itself, ending the life of a 32-year-old woman who was walking along a pier with her father. It was a perfect defense for a notoriously liberal city – guns kill, not people. Sure enough, the San Francisco jury swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Forget the law or common sense. These are trivial matters that don’t count for much in the “City by the Bay.” Liberal doctrine there trumps everything. It infects the body politic and excuses all manner of aberrant behavior, even criminality.

Prosecutors argued that Garcia Zarate intentionally shot Steinle with a stolen Sig Sauer .40-caliber handgun. There was sufficient evidence to convict him on either first-degree or second- degree murder.

But even if the jury was not persuaded that the accused acted intentionally and with malice aforethought, as the murder law in California demands, he was clearly guilty of involuntarily manslaughter.

A simple reading of the statute, Penal Code Section 192(b), explains why. It states that an …….


Gregg Jarrett: The Steinle verdict is only the latest miscarriage of justice in San Francisco | Fox News

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