Why Obama Decided ISIS is Genocidal, It’s Not What You Think

The whole world has been watching the ISIS terrorists commit genocide on Middle East. All this time the Obama administration has sat on its hands and not lifted them once in protest. Why did the administration decide that now was a good time? Russia has jumped on the issue as a reason to be there and gain influence in the area. It all has to do with Obama’s view of the United States in the world. He wants to be a Junior Partner and just ride along with the rest. Leadership and moral obligation played no part in this day late and a dollar short decision. 

Obama on Vox

As Written By Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr. for American Thinker:

Why Obama Finally Decided ISIS is Genocidal:

Long after it had become painfully obvious to even to the most casual observers, the Obama administration has decided that ISIS is guilty of genocide. It has, however, failed to admit that its own incompetence led to the conditions allowing ISIS to become a powerful force.

The timing of Secretary of State Kerry’s announcement, and the deployment of Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit to Iraq, reveals much about the mindset of the administration’s attitude towards foreign affairs, not just in the deeply troubled Middle East but also in its perception of the American role in the world.

Since the end of World War II, the United States and its NATO partners have been the most powerful alliance on Earth, both politically and diplomatically. That partnership was hugely successful. Another world war was averted, and the Soviet Union was stared down and collapsed without yet another global conflict. A period of extraordinary prosperity was ushered in. Numerous nations gained independence.

This was not accomplished without major cost, both to the U.S. taxpayer and to those who served and sometimes gave life or limb in the armed forces. But the results were extraordinary.

Mr. Obama and those who ideologically agree with him nevertheless have been uncomfortable with Washington’s leading role.


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