Why Obama Didn’t Pardon Bowe Bergdahl

There is a lot of speculation as to why President Obama did not pardon Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl. After all, this is the accused Army deserter that President Obama traded a bunch of Gitmo prisoners and quite a few tax dollars for. On top of that, there was the White House Rose Garden reception for Bergdahl and parents. It seemed as if a pardon would be a certainty. It boils down to WIIFM, an old acronym for What’s In It For Me.

As Written By Jonathan F. Keiler for American Thinker:

Before he left office Barack Obama commuted more federal sentences than any other president in history, most famously that of former Army Private Bradley Manning, who divulged hundreds of thousands of classified documents and seriously damaged national security. Drug offenders were also high on Obama’s list. Notably absent was Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, whom Obama ransomed for several notorious Taliban terrorists, and Obama’s National Security Advisor proclaimed an American hero. Why did Manning get the nod and not Bergdahl?

Obama was far more personally invested in Bergdahl’s case, feting his parents in the Rose Garden upon the soldier’s release from Taliban captivity, and practically groping his mom, which even made liberal columnist Richard Cohen a bit queasy. But in deciphering Obama’s inaction on Bergdahl one first has to adopt the ex-president’s mindset, which might be summarized as “what’s in it for me?”

Obama had little to gain personally from intervening in Bergdahl’s case in his final days in office, despite the high cost we paid to recover the alleged deserter from Taliban captivity, and his own aide’s glowing words about Bergdahl, which surely reflected Obama’s own view at the time.

During his last days in office Obama rather assiduously reinforced and reemphasized his lefty bona fides, in particular by taking one last hard swipe at Israel, but not ignoring other areas of leftist mania, such as climate change and LGBT issues. The commutation of Manning’s sentence owes nothing to its supposed disproportion to other cases, and everything to LGBT politics. Had Bradley Manning stayed Bradley Manning he’d likely be serving out his full sentence. Chelsea Manning on the other hand got Obama’s attention. Manning’s leaking actually did the left no favors, and Obama savagely attacked alleged leakers throughout his time in office. But for the left actions mean…..


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