Why the Clinton Foundation Probe MUST Continue

Do you think that the FBI probe of the Clinton Foundation should continue? Shouldn’t there be mercy for the poor woman that just had the White House and all its power snatched from her grasp? Will the second set of standards, the ones for the elites, be applied as they always have for Hillary? Hillary Clinton has never been held responsible for any graft or corruption that followed her like a foul stench, so why start now? Read this rebuttal to all that.

 As Written By John Hayward for Breitbart: 

Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer, a Breitbart News editor and head of the Government Accountability Institute, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss the election and what Marlow described as the defeat of “the most powerful family, relative to their corruption” in modern American history, the Clintons.

Marlow asked Schweizer for his take on the Clinton scandals going forward, guessing that her email server scandal would probably “go away,” but speculating that at least four other corruption investigations of Clintonworld would go forward, particularly the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play abuses chronicled so extensively in Clinton Cash.

Schweizer agreed that the Clinton Foundation probe would, and should, continue.

“I’ve said this from the beginning, Alex. I’ve talked about this multiple times. I think it should, and I think the main reason is that it’s not ultimately about the Clintons. It’s about the Clintons’ model,” he contended. “They’ve created this model for self-enrichment by taking foreign money. They set up this foundation. The spouse hits the lecture circuit. Look, in Washington, D.C., you figure out a way to get rich and get away with it through public service, everybody’s gonna start doing it.”

“So this goes beyond the Clintons. We are going to see a Secretary of Defense in the future, Republican or Democrat, do the same thing, if this is not thoroughly investigated and vetted,” he warned.

Schweizer added that the Clinton Foundation scandal was also about the rule of law: “I mean, if we have a senior government official who engaged in corrupt practices, which I believe they did, it should be thoroughly investigated by the FBI, and if crimes were committed, they ought to face the consequences – as would a mid-level bureaucrat in government, as would a businessman or a blue-collar worker.”

He anticipated much would come down to how the investigation of the Clinton Foundation was conducted.

“People are saying Trump is going to investigate the Clintons. Donald Trump’s not going to investigate the Clintons. The FBI is,” Schweizer noted. “The point is – and I think this is the way we ought to view all cases – you look at the evidence. The Clintons are certainly going to paint the picture that this is a partisan witch hunt. They’ve always attacked the messenger. That is always their strategy. They did it to me. They’ve done it to other people who have written critically about it. They’re going to do it here.”

“But I do believe if there is – and I think there is – very compelling evidence that the Clintons engaged in pay-to-play, I think you put it out there, and you prosecute. The American people will evaluate this, and come to the right conclusion, if indeed that evidence is there. I’ve always said I’m not a lawyer, but I think if you give the FBI the tools, the subpoenas, the things they need to investigate what they do, and if they come back and say, ‘Look, we think there was shady stuff going on, but we don’t think that in a court of law we can get a conviction,’ that’s fine. Everybody can say there was an investigation done, the professionals looked into it, we move on,” he said.

“But I think to just say, ‘Well, she gets a free pass because she lost,’ here’s the problem with that: If she had won, she was gonna get a free pass because there’s no way the FBI was going to investigate the sitting President of the United States and do so fairly. And now people are saying she’s lost and she should get a free pass. You’re saying they ….

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Peter Schweizer: Clinton Foundation Probe Must Continue — You Can’t Say ‘She Gets a Free Pass Because She Lost’

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