Why the Russia Collusion Stuff Isn’t Trump’s Watergate

There has been incessant chatter in the mainstream media on the Russia collusion fairytale story. The alt-left keeps screaming that like Napolean met his Waterloo, President Trump has met his Watergate. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this article, you will see the things that President Nixon did and the evidence that Congress uncovered that started toward an impeachment hearing. Nixon resigned before that could happen. There is nothing like this available for the Democrats to use against President Trump.  Read the details here.

As Written By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

At the end of May, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said at a progressive Credo event in San Francisco that this Russia drama could be worse than Watergate. Yes, we’re back to this again (via The Hill):

A lot of people compare this to Nixon and they say, ‘That’s what got Nixon, was the obstruction of justice.’

A lot of people compare this to Nixon and they say, ‘That’s what got Nixon, was the obstruction of justice.’ And it’s true, but this is a lot worse because this one has connections to a foreign power, which the whole back-and-forth around obstruction of justice with Nixon did not include,” Warren said at a San Francisco event sponsored by Credo, a liberal advocacy group.
Warren told Credo Vice President and Political Director Murshed Zaheed that Democrats and liberal activists need to ramp up pressure on Republicans to push for answers on contacts between Trump’s advisers, the president himself and Russian officials.

First, there’s zero evidence to suggest any collusion occurred between Trump campaign officials and the Russians. There is nothing wrong with any of the meetings that took place between Trump officials and the Russians. The Democrats and the liberal news media set their sights on top aide Jared Kushner for reportedly wanting a back channel with the Russians. This is Manchurian Candidate stuff, right? No. The intelligence community saying that back channeling was normal, acceptable, and a long-standing practice undercut the whole narrative. Folks, Obama secretly reached out to the Russians. Shall we call a special counsel for that? The 18 undisclosed contacts Trump officials had with the Russians several months prior to Election Day pointed to no wrongdoing or collusion. Oh, and circling back to Kushner, he’s not a target of the probe, nor has he been accused of any wrongdoing. What about Attorney Jeff Sessions reportedly having another undisclosed contact with the Russians that NBC reported?……….


Friendly Reminder: This Russia Collusion Stuff Isn’t Trump’s Watergate – Matt Vespa

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