Why the State Department is failing in the Mexico drug cartel fight

If the State Department is ever going to succeed against the drug cartels in Mexico, they need to address the issues that are noted in this article.The most important issue seems to be a lack of law enforcement advice on how to run such a program. This article was written by retired Phoenix Police detective, Robert Arce, who has extensive experience working Mexican organized crime and street gangs. Here is his sage look at the issues.

As Written and Reported By Robert Arce for Breitbart:

The U.S. State Department is wasting our tax dollars in Mexico on a series of programs tied to the Merida Initiative to battle cartels and drug trafficking.

Here are five reasons why the Merida Initiative is failing in Mexico and why the U.S. government is failing to stop drug cartels in Mexico:

1. Ignoring Corruption Within Mexican Government

During a meeting with senior INL officials in Mexico City in 2016, I informed them that two separate confidential sources had reported corruption with a key local contact our program was supporting. The contact was a high-ranking police official who was working for the Gulf Cartel and was using Merida Initiative programs to steal money from his own government by playing a shell game. This individual was also in charge of the background investigation unit for his state and he was taking bribes from individuals who could not pass a polygraph, or the investigation needed to get a government job in his state. At the meeting, I had documents to support the claims and an audio recording of the individual discussing criminal activity. The confidential sources had not reported the individual to their own government out of fear of being fired or killed by those corrupt officials involved. The senior INL officials never asked to see the evidence nor asked any follow-up questions. They simply responded that it was terrible news. I walked out of my meeting feeling sick to my stomach realizing that they did want any news that could disrupt the false narrative of success that is being pushed to Washington D.C. that maintains continued funding for the INL program. Our Mexican counterparts that we meet at the ground level are begging for help, some placing their lives in danger in reaching out to us and we ignore them—the INL program is a spreadsheet at INL Headquarters in Mexico City that is not set up to address real security issues brought to us by local government contacts.

2. Lack of Law Enforcement Personnel Running a Law Enforcement Program

This program is being run by career foreign service officers, career diplomats with zero law enforcement experience. There is very little input from law enforcement personnel, and for the most part zero input from anyone who ever actually put on a police uniform. Many of …….


Five Reasons Why the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Cartel Programs Fail in Mexico

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