Why the U.S. Must Maintain the Strongest Military in World

A strong military is vital to the survival of a nation. This is not a peaceful world we live in. President Theodore Roosevelt said to speak softly and carry a big stick. President Dwight David Eisenhower believed in peace through strength. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs spoke to the same subject at an Air Force Association meeting. How do we maintain a strong military?

As Written By Jim Garamone for Defense.gov:

Any discussion about the U.S. military has to start with the fact that today the force is unrivaled in the world, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said at the Air Force Association’s annual meeting this morning.

“The joint force — to include your Air Force — is the most capable, professional military force in the world,” Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford said. “We can defend the nation. We can meet our alliance responsibilities, and I’m confident that we can maintain a competitive advantage over any potential adversary.”

Military Not Broken

The United States military is not broken,” Dunford said. “It is not at a competitive disadvantage,” he said. “And I say this fully knowing that all the services are feeling the effects of the unstable fiscal environment we’ve been in the past few years.”

The Air Force has been hit particularly hard by this as the service has not had a break in operations since before Operation Desert Storm, the chairman said.

The services still have personnel in certain specialties doing one-to-one deployments, Dunford said. He saw it most recently with pararescuemen in Djibouti and aboard the guided missile destroyer USS Barry in Japan.

These deployments put tremendous stress on service members, their families, their equipment, their training cycles and so on, the chairman said. “There are associated trends with that [operations tempo] and that fiscal environment that absolutely concern me,” he said.

Pilot Shortage

The Air Force has a shortage of pilots, Dunford said, and equipment across the board is showing signs of wear and tear. Readiness challenges have been exacerbated by delays in some of the major programs like the F-35 Lightning II and in the nuclear enterprise, he noted.

“So I understand that we can’t be ……

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