Why This Journo Changed Her Mind And Is Glad President Trump Tweets

There is a lot of criticism of President Donald Trump everytime he goes to Twitter and releases one of his tweets. It drives the alt-left and their mainstream minions what we would call bat $hit crazy. These are the same media that gives him total negative coverage so that explains itself. It also explains why the author of this article now approves. Read her thought process here.

As Written By Suzanne Venker for the Washington Examiner:

There was a time when I cringed at the idea of having a tweet-happy commander in chief. I believed it cheapened the presidency. I still feel that way, but given our new reality — having a president in the Oval Office who’s reviled by 99.9 percent of the media — I understand why President Trump tweets.

According to an upcoming interview with Trump’s first wife, Ivana, Trump himself wasn’t always so sure he should tweet. He apparently sought Ivana’s advice, who assured him he should. Many people will find that fascinating, the idea that Trump would not only seek advice in the first place but that he would seek it from his first wife.

It doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m convinced, and (indeed many have pointed out hereand here and here) that the Trump we see on television is very different from the private Trump. Even he admitted as much! I’ve said from the beginning that Trump is no doubt much kinder, gentler, and respectful of others — yes, even of women — than most people think. Because most of what the public thinks about anyone high-profile is filtered entirely through the media.

Trump tweets because if he didn’t, most people wouldn’t know what’s really going on with this administration and would think even less of Trump than they already do — not because he’s deserving of such animus, but because that’s precisely what the media wants you to think. The depth and the intricacies of how the media is able to spin stories …….


Why I changed my mind and am glad Trump tweets

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