Why you should fear the leaks that took down Mike Flynn 

Besides the resignation of Mike Flynn, there are a lot of other questions that need tp be asked. Can you usee that each of us has a stake in this criminal behavior? Where did the wiretap information come from? Who authorized the wiretaps and when did they take place? How did this sensitive come into the hands of people who had no access to it? What is the real end game at play here? Who will ask these questions and get the answer?

As Written By John Podhoretz, The New York Post 

It might seem bizarre to say that an administration only 23 days old needed a fresh start, but look: If Adele can stop 45 seconds into a live performance at the Grammys and begin again, so too can Donald Trump. The departure of Michael Flynn from the White House could be Trump’s Adele moment.

The chaos and infighting and unforced errors at 1600 Penn that have left everyone dizzied may be viewed as rookie mistakes to be overcome by on-the-job training. So it was for Bill Clinton’s White House, which also began horribly in 1993 — and needed a whole bunch of departures and reassignments to steady itself, not just a single change.

But what happened with Flynn also represents a frightening portent.

Leftists have become fond of saying that Trump shouldn’t be “normalized.” That concern should now go both ways. Every American should be equally concerned at the potential “normalization” of the tactics used by unnamed government officials to do Flynn in.

To be sure, Flynn’s ouster after three weeks is proof positive he should never have been given the national-security-adviser job in the first place. Flynn’s deceits about his conversations with a Russian official cannot be viewed in isolation from the overly close relationship with the Russian government he forged following his firing by the Obama administration in 2013……


Why you should fear the leaks that felled Mike Flynn | New York Post

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