Wikileaks Has ‘Absolute Proof’ of Who The Emails Came From [Video]

The charges against Julian Assange are those brought by the US intelligence agencies. They claim that Russian intelligence used WikiLeaks to publish emails aimed at undermining the campaign of Hillary Clinton. The stated goal was to meddle in the US 2016 presidential election. Russian hackers working for intelligence agencies supposedly stole thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign. Mr. Assange says that those charges are not true and he can prove who really gave him the Clinton emails. Will President Trump take the offer?

As Written By Debra Heine for PJ Media:

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) says he has seen evidence that could disprove Russia-Trump collusion accusations once and for all, but he’s having a hard time getting his message through to the president.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to provide the evidence in exchange for a pardon from President Trump.

The congressman expressed confidence in an interview with OAN that the president will “get behind this” as soon he hears the message.

“I think he will because I’m going to try to overcome the obstacles in the way — which happens to be his staff,” he said. “So in the next few weeks, my job is to try to make sure the president’s staff doesn’t fence him off from this offer.”

Rohrabacher added, “I think that when he hears that there’s been an offer made, he will insist on knowing about it.”

He said that the one person who could prove or disprove charges that Trump and Russia colluded on hacking the DNC is Julian Assange — and no one has even bothered to go see him. Last month, Rohrabacher went to London to visit him at the Ecuadorian embassy himself…….


Rohrabacher: Assange Has ‘Absolute Proof’ of Who Gave Him Emails

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