WikiLeaks Asks Trump “Make Julian Assange Head of U.S-Russia Cybersecurity”

Woud you put Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in charge of cyber security? After President Donald Trumps Tweets about him and Vladimir Putin talking about a joint unit, there were a lot of discussions. After all, Wikileaks dumped a ton of information about John Podesta and Hillary Clinton into the arena during the Presidential campaign. It also appears that there was this mind-boggling release of CIA data that caused a lot of consternation in the intelligence community. Finally, some people think that the Russians are also in cahoots with Mr. Assange. Maybe President Trump should rethink this effort and maybe sharing cyber security with the Russians is not such a good idea. The President seems to rephrase the idea in another Tweet. This actually made better sense. Do you think we should partner with the Russians on anything, or are the too big a threat?

As Written by Ken Meyer for Mediate:

President Trump is proposing the creation of a Russian-American cybersecurity partnership, and WikiLeaks knows just who should be chosen to head the unit.

Trump got a lot of attention on Sunday when he launched a tweetstorm about how it’s time to stop fussing over Russia’s 2016 election interference and start considering mutual interests. As Trump tweeted about his G20 meeting with Vladimir Putin, he brought up a project the two leaders supposedly discussed


Shortly afterwards, WikiLeaks replied to Trump’s tweet by saying their organization’s founder, Julian Assange, should lead the effort:




WikiLeaks Asks Trump to Make Julian Assange Head of U.S-Russia Cybersecurity Unit | Mediaite


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