Wild Accusations Made by Another Congressional Black Caucus Member

Have you noticed how much has been stolen from the poor Democrats in this last round of elections? Down here in Georgia they are seizing on a straw and trying to make a mountain out of it. They cannot let the Jon Ossoff loss go without having something to blame besides their poor candidate and a lousy platform of nothing but left-wing ideas. Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia is out and about with his usual over the top unsubstantiated claims of fraud. Do Democrats actually believe in voter fraud? 

As Written By Donn Marten for Downtrend:

The Democrats’ new official slogan should be “we don’t need no stinking proof” as a wild accusation has been made by another Congressional Black Caucus crank.

Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia has screwed a tinfoil hat onto his pointy head to accuse Republican Congresswoman Karen Handel of stealing the special election from creepy Star Wars geek Jon Ossoff.

Citing data wiped from a “repurposed” server, Johnson claimed that Ossoff had too much money to have lost fair and square in a race that was awash in cash from California liberals.

He did not bother mentioning that Ossoff did not even reside in the Sixth Congressional District, that he was the sock puppet of the hugely unpopular Nancy Pelosi or that his physical appearance made him look like a pedophile.

It is the Russians stole the election from Hillary all over again, the Dems never have presented evidence to support that conspiracy theory either.

Rep. Hank Johnson indicated Monday he thinks Republicans may have stolen the special election for Georgia’s 6th District from fellow Democrat Jon Ossoff.


Democrats Claim Georgia Special Election Was Stolen from Ossoff

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