Will Coal Miners Support Manchin Now?

Unemployed coal worker Bo Copley challenged Candidate Clinton’s remarks during her campaign and now wants to use that to unseat Senator Joe Manchin. When Hillary boasted of putting coal miners out of work, she made herself a “deplorable” in West Virginia. Bo Copley wants to turn that against her supporter, Senator Manchin. 208 will be interesting in West, By God, Virginia.


Remember this moment from almost exactly a year ago? Shortly after Hillary Clinton bragged that she’d put the coal industry out of business, she met with a roundtable of West Virginia voters — including unemployed coal worker Bo Copley. “I just want to know,” Copley told Hillary at the end of an emotional recitation of the situation in his state, “how you can say you’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs, and then come in here and tell us how you’re going to be our friend?”

Hillary’s response was that she “misspoke,” and didn’t provide the proper context. Needless to say, that answer didn’t satisfy Copley — or in the end his fellow West Virginians, who voted for Trump 69/27 six months later. Roll Call covered the “rare, unscripted moment” at the time, and included this prescient exchange between Copley and Sen. Joe Manchin:

Manchin, for his part, said he has decided he can trust Clinton, knowing full well it might cost him down the road.

“If I thought that was in her heart, if I thought she wanted to eliminate one job in West Virginia, I wouldn’t be sitting here,” the senator said at the round table. “I think Hillary knows that. She wouldn’t be here if she felt that way. There’s no way you could come into this type of a setting and meet the people who hurt so bad unless you want to help them.”

Copley told Manchin, “Honestly, if I can be candid, I think still supporting her hurts you. It does.”

“I believe we’ll have a friend, I really do,” Manchin told him. “And if my political life is on the line, so be it.”

Now Copley wants to be the force to hold Manchin accountable for that ……

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