Will Mark Halperin Suffer Vigilantism?

Mark Halperin has now had multiple accusations of sexual harassment and other, more serious charges. There is definitely a Hang Em High mentality running through social media. The #MeToo movement has released women to come forward with complaints that they were afraid to tell in times past. That is a good thing.

There is another thing that is not so good. Some of the charges are quite serious and fall into criminal actions. At that point, the rights of the accuser and the accused have to be protected. There is a voice raised by an op-ed from Wendy Kaminer at the Boston Globe urging us to, “Beware vigilante feminism.”  Read this.

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

Don’t let vindication be derailed by vigilantism.

While still being somewhat overshadowed by Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo campaign has definitely scored another victory at NBC News with the ouster of Morning Joe regular Mark Halperin. Having been identified as a serial sexual harasser at a minimum and possibly a sexual assault suspect, the network cut ties with Halperin, but the accusations continue to roll in, now numbering over a dozen. I’m not bothering with the word “alleged” when it comes to the harassment part of it because Halperin has already admitted his “flaws” and confessed to improper behavior at a minimum.

In fact, he’s done it at least twice now. The latest mea culpa came on Friday night, and while it seemed to expand on his original admissions, he’s still being careful to dance around the edges of anything which might look too much like a reason to go spend some time in a jail cell. (CNN, emphasis added)

Many of the accounts conveyed by journalists working on stories about me or that I have read after publication have not been particularly detailed (and many were anonymous) making it difficult for me to address certain specifics. But make no mistake: I fully acknowledge and apologize for conduct that was often…….


Mark Halperin’s latest apology raises a larger question – Hot Air Hot Air

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