Will Mattis still have a free hand at Pentagon with Bolton as NSA?

Secretary of Defense General Jim Mattis has been operating the Pentagon with very little supervision or input from President Trump. There have been times when he has been in conflict with the White House. There is a New Sheriff, I mean National Security Advisor, in town and he may try to put more controls on the Secretary of Defense. 

The new National Security Advisor, former Ambassador John Bolton has quite the reputation. Some see him as a hawk for America. Others see that he does not do a good job of compromising. Will this cause friction between the two? Here are some thoughts on that.

As Written and Reported By Will Racke for the Daily Caller:

By most accounts, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis enjoys more independence from the White House than any of President Donald Trump’s cabinet secretaries.

Alone among Trump’s top advisers, the retired Marine general has been given free rein to run the Pentagon as he sees fit, shaping military policy in ways that sometimes conflict with the preferences of the National Security Council (NSC), and even the president himself.

Mattis has an uncanny ability to dissent from Trump’s policy positions while remaining in his good graces, as reporter Eliana Johnson explained in a POLITICO Magazine piece published Friday, “Why Trump Hasn’t Fired Mattis.”

During cabinet deliberations — and at times in public — Mattis opposed Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate change accord, decertify the Iran deal, implement tariffs on steel and aluminum, and move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Even so, Mattis’s name has not once been mentioned , leading some administration officials to conclude that he is “bulletproof.”

Mattis’ experience contrasts with that of his closest ally in the administration, outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who clashed with…..


Will Mattis Lose With Bolton At NSC? | The Daily Caller

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