Will Robert Mueller go for Obstruction over Collusion?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, due to his line of questioning, telegraphed what the goal of his investigation now is. As you may have figured out by now, the collusion of Donald Trump and his staff with the Russians is not at the top of his hit list. All you must do is look at where his attention is now focused.

Is it not true that the Special Counsel was supposed to root out whether or not Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the elections? Is it not also a fact that he was given an unlimited budget and a charter to go wherever he wanted to go investigate? Look what he has settled on as his goal.

As Written and Reported By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

Special counsel Robert Mueller has focused on events since the election — not during the campaign — in his conversations with President Trump’s lawyers, Axios reported Monday.

“That suggests a focus on obstruction of justice while in office, rather than collusion with Russia during the campaign,” the report said.

The report said the top two topics that Mueller has expressed interest in so far are the firings of FBI director James Comey and national security adviser Michael Flynn.

President Trump fired Comey last May, under the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. However, in an interview, Trump said the Russia investigation was also on his mind.

Comey told lawmakers that Trump had asked him to let former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn go — who was under FBI investigation — during a private conversation. The president has denied making any such request.

Comey later admitted he took notes after conversations with the president, and he gave them to at least one friend to pass to the media after he was no longer FBI director, for the purpose of prompting the appointment of a special counsel……


Report: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Focusing on Obstruction, Not Collusion

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