With One Tweet, Bernie Sanders Proves Just Why Folks Call Him ‘Crazy’

That crazy uncle, Senator Bernie Sanders is at it again and this time he does it with a Tweet. Senator Sanders is an unabashed socialist and government controlled health care is at the forefront of his agenda. In this tweet, he takes on the California State House Speaker for not proceeding to a vote for the California single payer plan. It does not matter that it cost more than doube the current State budgte ad there is no way to fund it. The Senator wants it done to set an exaple for America to emulate. What? Really? Read this.

As Written By Allen B. West for allenbwest.com:

I am quite sure y’all remember that line from the movie “Forest Gump” — stupid is as stupid does.

Well, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare is failing. The exchanges are collapsing, the healthcare cooperatives are gone, insurance premiums are on the rise, and many Americans can boast having an Obamacare health card, but no one is accepting them. The grand vision of the progressive socialist left has imploded right before their very eyes. Actually wrong: the grand vision of the progressive left is being enabled by the collapse of Obamacare.

It has long been the objective of the leftists in America, the socialists to achieve the goal of a full-scale socialized healthcare system. It was a fait accompli to have Obamacare collapse; that was the intent. The left’s incremental vision was to prove free market healthcare wasn’t a viable solution. The left will now claim that the “half-way” solution of Obamacare didn’t go far enough: we need single payer.

It is the ultimate goal of socialism to own and control you…your body, your healthcare decisions. And when you hear progressive socialists like Rep. Keith Ellison from Minnesota, an Islamist sympathizer, drone on about better healthcare in Cuba or Canada, you’ve seen that which is stuck on stupid. When was the last time you saw a flotilla of folks braving the open oceans to depart South Florida for Cuba to get better healthcare?However, leave it up to the left to fight amongst themselves on this subject, because stupid is as stupid does.

As reported by the Washington Times, “Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont lashed out Saturday at California Democrats for shelving an ambitious single-payer health care bill and then to vote on the legislation, which is estimated to cost $400 billion per year.

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon announced Friday that Senate Bill 562 had been pulled indefinitely because it “does not address many serious issues,” including “financing, delivery of care, [and] cost controls.” Mr. Rendon left open the possibility that the measure could be reconsidered, noting that this is the first year of the two-year legislative session, but Mr. Sanders called on him to allow a floor vote.

“I am extremely disappointed that the speaker of the California Assembly is refusing to allow S.B. 562, the single payer health care bill passed by the state Senate, to come to the Assembly floor for a vote,” Mr. Sanders said on Twitter. He asked supporters to contact Mr. Rendon. “California has the opportunity to lead this nation in a very different health care direction,” Mr. Sanders said.

“If the great state of California has the courage to take on the greed of the insurance companies and the drug companies, the rest of the country will follow,” he said. “The eyes of the country are on California today. Let’s go forward.”

Progressives have placed single-payer health care at the top of its agenda, but support for the universal health care measure cooled after a legislative analysis last month placed the annual cost at $400 billion, more than twice the size of the state budget. At least $200 billion of the total would have to be raised with tax hikes, according to the analysis, such as a 15 percent payroll tax on employers. Progressives blasted the decision. The California Nurses Association ripped the move as “cowardly,” while the Healthy California Act’s sponsors, state Sens. Ricardo Lara and Toni Atkins, insisted that “we will not turn our backs on this matter of life or death for families.”

“We are disappointed that the robust debate about healthcare for all that started in the California Senate will not continue in the Assembly this year,” said the joint statement. “This issue is not going away, and millions of Californians are counting on their elected leaders to protect the health of their families and communities.”

Let me ask a really simple question, why would the United States follow the example of California? Hmm, are people leaving Texas to move to California, or is it the other way around? Like folks always say, if you want to know what’s next on the progressive socialist left’s agenda, just check out what’s happening ………


With one tweet, Bernie proves once again why folks call him “crazy” – Allen B. West – AllenBWest.com

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