WNBA Joins Forces with Planned Parenthood 

While we continue our fight to stop government funding of Planned Parenthood, the company still isn’t satisfied. They extend their reach and see what they can do to generate the money they need and continue to make sickening jokes about it behind closed doors.

The funding part of the government gets tricky. It gets shut down, some liberal finds a loophole, and the funds, our tax dollars, continue to get used for abortions. This isn’t what I want. Shouldn’t we have a say in where and what our tax dollars get spent on. It’s tantamount to socialism, otherwise.

But our government funding isn’t enough… who knows what their top-level people get paid, and they’re always looking for more and more money.

And with that, at least I know what companies, organizations, and people to not support. The ones that are the most open about it, at least.

As Written By Grace Carr for the Daily Caller:

For every ticket sold for the upcoming Storm v. Chicago Sky WNBA game, $5 will be sent to support Planned Parenthood, the Seattle basketball team announced Thursday.

The Storm, one of the few professional teams owned by women, is planning a “Stand With Planned Parenthood” rally on July 18 along with continuing efforts to aid fund-raising for Planned Parenthood in the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands.

The team wanted to “make a meaningful impact on the national health care debate … we’ve had conversations about what was going on in the country, and what we might as individuals might do about it,” said co-owner Dawn Trudeau, according to The New York Times.

“We just made the decision as an ownership group,” Trudeau said, and added that the Storm did not conduct any market research before joining forces with Planned Parenthood………


WNBA Gives Money To Planned Parenthood For Every Ticket Sold | The Daily Caller

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