Woman Who’s Son Is Stuck In Chinese Jail Has A Message For Trump And LaVar Ball [Video]

After you read this you may think that the President’s diplomatic capital could have been better spent getting this soon out of a Chinese jail. There has been zero appreciation from LaVar Ball over getting his shoplifting son out of there. This Mother would give anything to have that help from President Trump.

Her son was on a mission to train young people in basketball and the English language. It sounds like he got too close to a bar fight and got picked out. He has now been there for a while. Is there any chance that the president will intervene one more time? 


As Written By Chris Enloe for The Blaze:

Antoinette Brown’s son, Wendell Brown, is stuck in a Chinese jail. And unlike LaVar Ball — whose son, a UCLA basketball player who was recently jailed and released from a Chinese jail for shoplifting – she wants President Donald Trump’s help.

She recently appeared on “Fox and Friends” to explain what she would tell Trump about her son’s situation if given the chance.

What did she say?

First, Brown explained that her son, a former Ball State running back, has been stuck in a Chinese jail for the last 14 months after he got in an altercation at a bar. He had been in China helping coach a football team and teaching young players English.

“He had been there for a year. And he ended up going to a friend’s birthday party at a bar and he was attacked by a group of locals throwing bottles at him. And unfortunately, he was the only one arrested after the attack on his life,” Brown explained…….


Mom whose son is stuck in a Chinese jail has a message for Trump — and it couldn’t be more different than LaVar Ball’s – TheBlaze

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