Women of ‘The View’ Butcher Their ‘Knowledge’ of History in Latest Bash Trump Segment [Video]

Based on the performance of its co-hosts, the TV show called The View should really be renamed. There is no view discernable in the pronouncements that come from the hosts’ mouths. The lack of vision past their liberal progressive socialist mindset is just numbing. They actually think that because there was no news about the North Korean nuclear and missile issues during the Obama years is because there was none. What they missed is the North Korea was given a headstart by Bill Clinton and then eight unfettered years by Barack Obama. They think it is Trump’s fault? Just. Really?

As Written by Allahpundit for Hot Air:

We end a long day by picking some of the lowest-hanging fruit on the political tree. This is quite an exchange, beginning with Whoopi Goldberg’s brief history of U.S.-NorK relations since the Clinton era. She reaches semi-coherence by remembering that there was a diplomatic lull with North Korea during the Clinton era but things go off the rails after that. It’s true that Kim Jong Il walked away from his deal with Clinton early in Bush’s presidency, but Bush ended up making some diplomatic strides with Pyongyang in 2007 when six-party talks produced a deal to let international inspectors monitor North Korea’s nuclear facility at Yongbyon. That deal began to unravel very late in Bush’s second term due to disagreements over verification, but it held until April 2009 — three months into the Obama administration, when Kim tore it up and kicked out the inspectors. Kim Jong Un succeeded his father in late 2011 and has seemed completely committed to nuclearization.

Why? Because he pays attention to how the United States treats tyrants who lack a nuclear insurance policy.


Joy Behar: You know, we never heard about nuclear war with North Korea when Obama was president – Hot Air Hot Air

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