WOW! Look Who is Being Helpful to the FBI

You can read here where the Attorney General is being helpful to the FBI investigation in the latest of Clinton scandals. You cannot help but wonder why she is in a rush to get through the eamils for Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Could it possibly be that she is in a rush to roll by the evidence before election day and render another not-guilty judgement on Hillary? Hmmmm. Read more below.

As Written By Sarah Westwood for Washington Examiner:

Justice Department officials pledged to work through the FBI’s revived Hillary Clinton email probe “as expeditiously as possible”on Monday amid a backlash over FBI Director James Comey’s unexpected public announcement of the investigation on Friday.

“We assure you that the Department will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” wrote Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik in a letter to lawmakers, according to multiple media reports.

The letter came as both Republicans and Democrats in Congress pressed Comey to provide more information about the nature of his bureau’s interest in newly-discovered ….

Full Story Here:

Justice Department to ‘dedicate all necessary resources’ to Clinton email probe | Washington Examiner

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