YAF Deploys Allen West to take on Colleges Across the Nation to Defeat Progressive Socialism [Video]

Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis, former Florida Congressman, retired LTCOL of the United States Army will take on colleges nationwide to help defeat progressive socialism. The Fred Allen Lecture Series previously featured conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro and drew hundreds of thousands of online viewers, earning coverage from Fox News,USA Today, the Washington Post, and other leading outlets.

Here is the statement from YAF:

Young America’s Foundation Deploys Lt. Col. Allen West to Promote Freedom Behind Enemy Lines on Nationwide Campus Tour

West is set to headline a YAF lecture tour of ten schools in 2016

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and Lieutenant Colonel Allen West are excited to announce Lt. Col. West’s nationwide tour of America’s embattled campuses this school year through YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series.

West, who has successfully brought conservative ideas to many campuses in recent years through YAF-organized appearances, will travel to ten schools across the country. His service to our nation and reputation for pulling no punches uniquely equip him to communicate conservative ideas in a powerful and persuasive way, especially on liberal territory. [More here]


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