Yes Dr. Ben Carson’s Medical Experience Matters At HUD

There are people out there that are actually worried about having Dr, Ben Carson as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Developement. To begin with, it is definitely not brain surgery. A brain surgeon, however, is an organized and disciplined team player. This will be no challenge for his intellect and abilities. He will also bring new perspective to the job. 

As Seen first on Fox News and Written By Ike Swetlitz for Fox News:

Ben Carson’s nomination as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development raised some eyebrows, and not just because Carson had recently said he wasn’t interested in running a federal agency.

The responsibilities of the job — running a federal agency whose budget in 2016 neared $50 billion and which is responsible for helping local housing authorities manage over a million households — struck some as an odd fit for his training as a neurosurgeon.

“At first, one is struck by the oddity of this appointment of someone who’s had no history with public housing to the extent that we know of,” said John Spengler, a professor of environmental health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, who has done research on health in public housing.

But public health professionals are hoping that he’ll bring his medical lens to the job — pushing for quality housing for low-income people and improving people’s health conditions within public housing…..

Full Story Here: Fox News

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