You Didn’t Vote That! Someone Else Voted That For You!

There has been a lot of dissension on the need for voter ID and the accompanying voter fraud allegations. I am pretty confident that there is rampant voter fraud occurring. A list of bullet points makes it pretty clear.

  • There is no guarantee in the United States Constitution for a right to vote. You can look it up.
  • Constitutionally, the various States make their own laws for voter registration and for governing elections.
  • There is no existing shared data base to prevent voters from registering in more than one state. For example, there are more than 40,000 voters currently registered in not only in Maryland but in Virginia as well. (People Who Vote Twice)
  • Dual voting in Florida and New York by the snowbirds has been well documented in the past.
  • Have you heard this one about the 1420 voters who are over 110 years of age and actually voting in just a few counties? (Early Voting: 1420 Democrat Voters over 110 years old)
  • It is against the law for illegal aliens to vote, but Colorado has come up with a plan to make it easy to cheat the voting system. (Controversial election law prompts concerns about voter fraud )
  • More than 3000 voter registrations in Florida use a UPS Store address which is in violation of state law. The Florida registrar, a Democrat, is not moving on this information( Allen West: More Florida Voter Fraud? 3000 registrations list UPS as residence )
  • How many dead people are voting in your precinct? The standard joke is that my dear departed grandfather voted Republican all his life and has voted Democrat ever since.
  • There is also  that old Democrat standby refrain: Vote Early and Vote Often!

The internet is overflowing with more examples. Cheaters will cheat and liars will lie. When you vote on Tuesday, be sure you are doing your part to maintain the integrity of the voting system and upholding the principles of our Republic. It is your civic duty. I stood on the wall in order for you to do this.


Haze Gray and Underway!

Paul Clark, CPO, USN (RET)

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