You gotta have a smoking gun to bring an impeachment against the President

If the Democrats ever get into the position of power again, they are going to need a red-hot smoking gun to run an impeachment process against President Donald Trump. The Democrat leadership is aware of the facts. They would really like to keep the “I” word off the table for the time being. However, with the collapse of almost all of their issues and the obvious fact that identity politics will not win control of the House, what else do they have to use? Sounds like a rock and a hard place.

As Written and Reported By Greg Price for Newsweek:

Democrats will be reluctant to pursue impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump if they regain control of the House in the midterm elections—despite a political base eager to see the Republican charged and ousted from office, the ranking member of a key House committee said.

Democratic Representative Jerry Nadler, of New York, who was just elevated to ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee by his fellow Democrats, indicated he would rather have both Republicans and independents on board before seriously considering such an extreme measure, according to Politico. The political capital necessary for impeachment could be quite costly even if polls indicate many want the unpopular Trump gone.

“Impeachment, it’s not something you ought to welcome…It’s not something you want,” Nadler told Politico.

Nadler added that even if evidence came to light that could lead to a conviction for “high crimes or misdemeanors,” as the U.S. Constitution stipulates, Democrats would still need to take the country’s temperature.

”If we were in the majority and if we decide that the evidence isn’t there for impeachment—or even if the evidence is there, we decide it would tear the country apart too much, there’s no buy-in, there’s no bipartisanship and we shouldn’t do it for …….


Trump Impeachment May Need ‘Smoking Gun’ to Succeed, Democrats Believe

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