You thought 2017 was going to end without a bang — other than the fireworks?

It was not your typical New Year’s Eve worth of fireworks, but Wikileaks knows how to detonate a bombshell or two of their own. In this blockbuster revelation, you will read about the New York Times and how one reported colluded with the Hillary Clinton State Department. It had nothing to do with international relations or national security. It was all about keeping Hillary ahead of the news cycle so that there would be no embarrassments. Read all about it here.

As Written and Reported by Joseph Curl for the Daily Wire:

You thought 2017 was going to end without a bang — other than the fireworks?

Think again.

After the New York Times on Saturday published a story headlined “Republican Attacks on Mueller and F.B.I. Open New Rift in G.O.P.,” WikiLeaks couldn’t stand it anymore. In a late-night post on Twitter, WikiLeaks revealed that a Times reporter used to feed State Department email updates of the stories the paper would be publishing DAYS before the stories appeared.

At the time, Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State.

The heads-up email was intended to give State (and Clinton) time to come up with some spin for stories that may have caused problems. Or, in another possible scenario, the heads up could give the State Department time to create a diversion for the same day, thus overriding a …….


WikiLeaks Drops Proof That NYTimes Colluded With Hillary Clinton | Daily Wire

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