YouTube Removes Parody Video Then Reposts It After Some Serious Backlash [Video]

It is obvious that you had better be careful if you poke fun at YouTube. That was the lesson that the Content Creators Coalition found out the other day. They were doing more than poking fun at this social media giant, they were using fun to criticize its miserly ways.

There is a lot of money to be made by having content on YouTube. There are some venues that reward original efforts quite nicely. YT seems to give pennies on the dollar.

Not liking the criticism very much, they pulled the video. It has turned out to be an embarrassment to them. They have sheepishly restored the video. You can watch and find out what happened here.

As Written By Richard Morgan for the New York Post: 

While videos of ISIS beheadings somehow slipped past YouTube censors, the video streaming site didn’t have any problems finding a playful ad campaign by some indie musicians — and promptly pulling the plug on it.

The campaign, called “YouTube Can Do Better,” featuring a “square” businessman as “YouTube,” was created by the Content Creators Coalition as an attempt to get the Google property to increase the ad revenue split with musicians.

The campaign’s lead spot, “Pennies vs. Dollars,” was uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 25 around 11:30 a.m. — and was pulled from the video-sharing site less than 48 hours later, the group, known as c3, told The Post. YouTube said it pulled the video “due to violation of terms & conditions.”

The artist-led coalition, whose members include David Byrne, Roseanne Cash and T Bone Burnett, fired back at the Google unit within an hour.

“After two days of widespread press coverage of our artist-driven campaign to pressure Google into treating artists more fairly,” c3 complained, “you suspended and are now censoring our ……


YouTube takes down critic’s parody video, re-posts it after backlash | New York Post

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