You’ve Never Seen Liberals Hyping Islamophobia Quite Like This [Video]

How much crazier can the left get? OH this much… “The word Trump is a modern day swastika,” according to Dean Obeidallah, SiriusXM’s Progress station host and contributor to The Daily Beast.

It gets wilder…

As written for The Daily Wire by Roberty Kraychik:

Obeidallah credited President Donald Trump with having “emboldened” bigots, waxing historical by drawing on the 1962 gubernatorial election of Democrat segregationist George Wallace in Alabama:

Since January, we’ve had five mosques burned down in America by arson. That’s according to the police. We’ve had swastikas written on mosques. We’ve had the word “Trump” painted on mosques in New Jersey, Iowa, and New York. For some, the word “Trump” is becoming a modern-day swastika.

I wrote a few days before the election, saying if Trump wins, I fear the bigots will be emboldened, and I looked at our history. In the Civil Rights Movement, when white segregationists won elections, like in George Wallace, within months of him being elected, the 16th Street Baptist Church was blown up and four young girls were killed. This is the climate, they’re emboldened.

Obeidallah framed President Donald as ushering in a “climate” of fear around Muslims predicated on two assertions: 1, Muslims are generalized victims of a broad-based and unjustified animosity directed toward them, and 2. America is broadly hostile toward Muslims.


WATCH: MSNBC Guest Says ‘The Word Trump Is A Modern-Day Swastika’

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